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About Sarah

Originally being from a small town in upstate New York, Sarah sought out a life of movement and experiences which eventually led her into the industry of travel! She now lives in Quincy with her husband Jeff who is a VP/GM for a Defense company. They have three adult children plus their boxer Macy that is considered their fourth and most spoiled child, along with three beautiful grandchildren which makes traveling that much more meaningful by creating memories worldwide with her family!

Sarah became a travel agent because of her LOVE to travel - like many of the Susan Peavey Travel team! In 2004, she joined Cruise Planners out of Coral Springs, FL and took full advantage of booking dream vacations for her clients - as well as traveling the world and educating herself further within the industry. Sarah recently joined SPT because of the team’s shared enthusiasm and knowledge of travel. 

Sarah can be found all around the world including under the sea with her love for scuba diving and constant cravings for adventure. Her favorite places to travel (so far) are Hawaii, Europe and Africa, but when she's close to home it's easy to spot her at Fenway! 

She loves to travel with family, friends and even on her own.... nothing stops her from seeing the world! It's easy to say Sarah is living her dream and she hopes to help you bring you to yours soon!

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